Bible Chin Wag with Friends

At today's discussion we will examine more closely the relationships we have in the church. We will look at parenting, mentoring, mutual...

Apostle Malcolm Sobers on Restoring Spiritual Parenting

Listen to Apostle Malcolm Sobers' presentation on Restoring Spiritual Parenting recorded at TiM Network's symposium on the 10th August 2013. To find out more information...

Multiculturalism in Church? Symposium 2012

This program will address some of the issues around the journey of moving from mono to multi-cultural church.

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Get HIPP about Your Health – Women’s Conference

To empower women to be HIPP - Hopeful, Informed Prayerful and Proactive about their health and well-being, to live life on purpose with fullness,...

Psalmist Sean Sobers on Prophetic Worship

We caught up with Psalmist Sean Sobers who talked with us about Prophetic Worship and shared some of what he and his ministry have...

Can the Church Transform the Community?

Can we really make a difference? Can we change our neighbourhoods? All these and much more we will be discussing on this show with Dr. Bayo...