Living 2016 Without Fear


The new year’s eve celebrations were consistent with previous years, but I had a feeling of peace as I had never experienced it before. There was no great feeling of regret or even disappointment with the realization of the final days, hours and moments of 2015 ticking by. As 2016 broke, the Pastor of the local church, Denise and I visited, started announcing many faith based declarations for 2016 based on the message he had just shared with all who were gathered there. Yet at that same time, I continued to experience the same sense of peace that had arrested me from time to time of the holiday period, while God was speaking via the pastor that night/new year’s morning, He was also reminding me of what He had drawn my attention to in December. He said to embrace the ministry of His Son and the implications it has for me, and live 2016 serving God without fear.

The assurance and command from my Lord and Heavenly Father, I first encountered, as I read the bible, the gospel of Luke 1:74-75 became ‘alive’ to me. God had removed the scales from my eyes and I could hear God’s voice clearly speaking to me. ‘Get in touch with who you are in Me (Christ), a son adapted by Me into My family, a son of God, an Ambassador of Christ, because I have rescued you. You are no longer controlled by the God of this world, but you have been bought with the blood of Jesus Christ, your old nature (shame and guilt) died, and your new nature (the Righteousness of God) was raised with Christ Jesus at His resurrection’.

I have been rescued, eternally, and from many situations in 2015, all because of His unconditional love for me. Therefore, I will serve God without fear in 2016, I will trust in, rely on and believe God’s word, being a courageous and uncompromising witness for Him in 2016.

One thing we all should consider as we prepare to crusade through 2016 without fear, is what does God require of us in this season? Jesus was considered prosperous and successful, by many standards (including the standards of the non-religious communities), in all that he invested his time and efforts. The main key to his success was that he consulted with and did only what His Heavenly Father instructed him to. It’s a simple principle and habit, but one that has proven difficult to easily emulate. I hope as January went by and as February starts, we consider inquiring of the Lord, in order to realize our individual prosperous and successful destinies that only we can fulfil.

Dream and dare to be obedient to God in 2016, that’s living uncompromisingly successful and without fear.

May you all have a blessed and productive 2016, with God’s leading and directing and your families.