Apostle Keith Barr on Scientific Secrets of the Bible


Apostle Keith Barr, the author of Amazing Scientific Secrets of the Bible will be joining TiM Talk Radio to discuss some of the Scientific secrets he has revealed in his book.

About Apostle Keith Barr

The Lord has anointed Apostle Barr to operate tremendously in the gifts of healing and God has given miracles that have transformed people’s lives around the World. His ministry is an international one. His focus has been on his travels to Nigeria, Costa Rico, Puerto Rico, Guatemala and Alberta Canada, The Middle East and the Philippines. Apostle Barr has been preaching for over 30 years and is a gifted author, prolific teacher and dynamic preacher.

Some of the churches birthed by his ministry are: Powerhouse Christian Center Nashville, TN, which is pastured by his brother Pastor Fredrick Barr of Nashville TN, Truth in Love Fellowship Ministries of Detroit, MI., Eden Valley Indian Reservation, and The Family Worship Center in Pontiac, Michigan. Apostle Keith Barr and his lovely wife, Isabelle have seven children. His children have followed him in ministry in preaching of the word and singing. The have formed two gospel groups; the four oldest “The Barrs” and the three youngest are a gospel rap group called “BLT.”

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